About US

Menalle.com is an online and mobile web-based platform that connects buyer and seller of products and services. Menall.com has got your back if…

  • You are buying a new or used item
  • You want to rent something that you do not want to buy. Better yet, if
  • You have something in the housing sitting idle that others are probably looking for
  • You are looking for a service of any kind

    Do you need someone to help you move, a tutor, a wedding planner, and decorator? Etc. Post it here at menalle.com for FREE.

    If you are a small business, we can help you grow your business. Or, if you are just looking for a way to make some extra cash, we have got you covered! Just post your offer at menalle.com for FREE.

    Our mission is simple. To be buyers and sellers chosen destination! Should you have any query, contact us directly at info@menalle.com


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