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I am an experienced translator. I have worked with foreign journalists on a freelance basis for over three years. I am fluent in Afan Oromo, Amharic, and English. My translations have been used for publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, The Financial Times, Foreign Policy, The Africa Report and others. I also have an extra background in technology. I graduated from Unity University, Faculty of Information Technology and Computational Science, with B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in July 2010. For years I worked on information technology training and office machine maintenance, before being promoted to a webmaster position. I also have a good concept of localization and internalization, and I have had some additional training on related programs. Now, I am focusing entirely on translations, interpretation, localisation work and working as a fixer on a freelance basis. If need my assistance, you can contact me on: +251(0)917289605 +251(0)936240125 Email: ermiastas@gmail.com Skype: ermias.tasfaye1 Thanks



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