Sales Tips

To sell at is very simple and something everyone can do. Here are some sales tips to increase your chances of getting you items sold even faster.

Put a right price

  • Setting the right price is everything; everything is going to sell for the right price.
  • Look what others value for similar goods.
  • For faster sales, put even a lower price.

Take great pictures

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Place your item against clean environment for the background
  • Took a picture using daylight.
  • Check that your image is sharp before it is published. Fuzzy and blurred images do not capture the buyer's attention.
  • Take more pictures from different angles.

Clear title and ad text

  • Think about what you would need to know if it was you who would buy.
  • Write a clear and factual headline.
  • Write a detailed and relevant ad text.
  • Include information such as dimensions, colors, and age.
  • Be honest, include defects and damages (if any)
  • Check spelling. A properly spelled text gives a better impression.

Good luck selling and buying.


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